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The days of expensive and static analytics are over. You have limited resources, and you don't need larger teams or costly infrastructures to understand your business. Sparsity Labs provides simplified business intelligence solutions that will answer 80% of your data needs at 20% of the cost.

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People Business Finance Data Dashboard

Dynamic tools for your business review

north star
a b testing
outlier detection
guided analytics
business analysis

Core DAta SEt

Host a simplified dataset in the cloud as a gateway to advanced analytics

business analysis

Command Center

Answer the majority of your data questions with a flexible & scalable dashboard

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Sparsity Funnel

Directly tie your data to your key metrics and identify strategic focus areas

The sparsity process


Our team's integration expertise coalesces your data from multiple sources and formats for analysis at the most granular level, resulting in the Core Data Set


Our solutions leverage Cloud storage and highly-efficient vectorized calculations to develop impactful analytical tools for your business

Ongoing Support

Since your datasphere will naturally evolve with your business, your tools will be tailor-made for updates

Jumpstart Your data Program

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Your data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit and is protected by Salesforce MFA

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Drill down anywhere anytime. Easily manage access across your organization on any level

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cloud based

All tools are fed by the core dataset resting on

Tableau Cloud

Sparsity Labs was founded on a simple premise: business intelligence should not be a resource constraint. Your critical business decisions will be made from the right data products, not more data products. In a world where your data and time are more valuable than ever, our efficient automation tools stand as your ultimate partner in maximizing both. Streamline your operations and free up your precious time with us.

Founding Partners

Daniel is a data scientist who specializes in highlighting business-critical insights. He bridges his technical expertise at Fortune 500 companies with an unrelenting value-first lens to drive quick and lasting impact.

Daniel Abravanel

Founding Partner

Michelle is a data visualization expert specializing in Tableau dashboards. She has presented at several global conferences, and has had her work highlighted on Tableau Public.

J. Michelle Maraj

Founding Partner

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